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Diverse & Experienced

Each member of the Radiate Senior Leadership Team started in entry-level hospitality positions. From sales admin, night auditor, banquet server, to front office manager, each moved humbly through the ranks getting a real hands-on hospitality experience. Most importantly, however, is that each member embodies the Radiate brand pillars and vision, helping to drive the company's development while fostering a culture of collaboration and family.

Perry Patel

Perry Patel

Perry lives up to the old proverb, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Growing up in a hospitality family, Perry’s destiny was set, and after earning his Master’s from Cornell, he joined the family business. His role was to build out the corporate management team, but soon he began facilitating acquisitions which immersed him in all aspects of development. Since then, Perry has built out an impressive portfolio of hotels through development and the strategic repositioning of distressed assets while also growing the management side of the business..

“On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me…”: At Posh Bagel, it’s a family routine!
John Searby
Senior Vice President Finance

John Searby

John believes that the key to success is trying, and he’s parlayed that philosophy into a successful 25+ year career in the industry. Originally from the U.K., he began his career as a Finance Controller in Australia, then worked in Thailand and Mexico working with owners, developers, and resort operators, which gave him a unique perspective on the industry. Focused on driving bottom-line success, he has built, led, and inspired teams across four continents.

“On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me…”: In the great outdoors, either hiking or biking in the local mountains.
Senior Vice President Operations

Sean Damery

With a distinguished 27-year tenure in the hospitality industry, Sean is a consummate hotelier renowned for his unwavering dedication to elevating guest experiences. His illustrious track record encompasses a multitude of triumphs, including orchestrating $150 million in transformative hotel and resort renovations, clinching revered four- and five-star service accolades, and steering exceptional financial outcomes for some of the most iconic properties in the western U.S. Today, Sean spearheads the full spectrum of operational responsibilities for the existing portfolio, upcoming ventures, and forthcoming hotel unveilings.

“On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me…”: With my kids or on a beach.

Liza Guinto

A true East Coaster, Liza graduated from Rutgers, and despite now living in California, she’s still a die-hard Yankees baseball fan. Perhaps the only thing she’s more passionate about than the Yankees is HR. What started as a simple human resources job at Red Lion Hotels turned into her calling and 30+ year career across several industries, including restaurants and retail. Now that’s the kind of longevity that would make any baseball player envious.

“On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me…”: at one of my favorite places. Spending time with my twins, Ian & Isabella at dim sum, at the park or trail walking my pups, hitting golf balls at the driving range, visiting a lighthouse or simply just being at the beach, my happy place.
Dell Dellinger
Corporate Regional Director of Operations

Dell Dellinger

Dell began his career in hospitality as a golf cart attendant and immediately knew that the industry was fore (golf pun intended) him. Throughout his 20-plus years in hospitality, Dell has held various positions, which have allowed him to understand every facet of the business. Always thinking ahead, Dell excels at creating value for ownership, especially in the lifestyle boutique hotel and resort space.

“On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me…”: Making breakfast for the family, reading up on the latest news, listening to a podcast, and watching a church service.
Corporate Director MARKETING & Revenue OPTIMIZATION

Sarah Megdad

Not everybody can say they began their career working on the French Riviera (except, of course, French people), but that’s exactly what Sarah did. She graduated from Edhec Business School, and part of her master’s program involved work study in Switzerland and Hong Kong. Not satisfied with one degree, she got her Graduate degree in Real Estate and Hotel Investments from Cornell and then followed her dream of moving out west. She began at Radiate as a Revenue Analyst but quickly worked her way up, becoming an instrumental part of the company's growth.

“On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me…”: Either sailing the day away with friends or hiking one of the many beautiful California trails.

Come Shine With Us

We strive to work with like-minded individuals who share our core values and work ethic.